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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Windows Xp Genuine Crack


Windows Xp Genuine Crack is the software which will let you to make your Windows Xp Genuine.As you see that whenever you visit Microsoft and download Microsoft Antispyware (For Windows Xp) or Mircrosoft Defender (For Windows Xp) it will ask for a validation and stops downloading giving a message that Your Windows Xp is Not genuine.Basically,it happenswhat? When a you ask for a download for Microsoft Defender or Antispyware it runs a check for the serial number which you have entered so as to make it sure that weather your Windows Xp is genuine or not.It checks the serial number if that serial number is not in its database it stops downloading and gives a message that your Windows Xp is not genuine and it is a cracked.Here, I would like to give you a Windows Xp Genuine crack which contains a Serial number which you have to put in a Windows Xp Serial Key Changer. What will happen when you will download the Windows Xp Genuine Crack Serial Key changer and insert a Serial number which is already mentioned below your Windows Xp will become Genuine and that serial key would be found by that Microsoft Robot in its Database and it will surely accept your request and it will let you download all those files which you need.


STEP # 1 For Making Windows Xp Genuine Crack:- You will need a Serial Key Changer, A Serial Key and a Windows Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool to make your Windows Xp Genuine Crack

Windows Xp Genuine DOWNLOAD
STEP # 2 For Making Windows Xp Genuine Crack:- You can run the notepad file and easily check the Serial Key.Don't copy it because you will need to insert it manually in the Serial Key Changer so as to make your Windows Xp Genuine.

STEP # 3 For Making Windows Xp Genuine Crack:- Before doing this process, Run the Windows Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool which will show you that Your Windows Xp is not Genuine.In the first Line you will see written Invalid Product Key which means that your Windows Xp is basically not Genuine.

STEP # 4 For Making Windows Xp Genuine Crack:- Run The Serial Key Change so as to make your Windows Xp Genuine and go to the Options Menu and Click on "Change the Windows Key".Now start inserting the Serial Number which I have already told you to make your Windows Xp Genuine individually in each box.

STEP # 5 For Making Windows Xp Genuine Crack:- Now Click on change Tab and then Click on the close tab.Its all done !!Now your Windows Xp has been cracked and Genuine.If you want to check then double click on the Windows Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool and wait for a minutes so as to seach your Serial Key.Now, check it on Windows Genuine Advantage Tool showing Genuine with a green Fontcolor.

Its all done.Now your Windows Xp is Genuine and not a Crack. Now visit and download Microsoft Defender and many other softwares.Even you can proud by saying your friends that your Windows Xp is Genuine :P
There is an another manner in which you will receive an error message " This copy of windows is not genuine" and it will popup at your logon. You will also find a message that "This copy of Windows is not genuine and You may be victim of software countereiting.When you will click on Resolve later button, the balloon will appear in your system tray giving randomly messages.
To remove and to by pass this message there are two options:
First Method:
1) Lauch Windows Task Manager by pressing cltr + Alt + Del.
2) End wgatray.exe process in Task Manager.
3) Restart Windows XP in Safe Mode.
4) Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32.
5) Delete WgaTray.exe from c:\Windows\System32\dllcache.
6) Lauch RegEdit.
7) Browse to the following location:


8) Delete the folder ‘WgaLogon’ and all its contents
9) Reboot Windows XP.
Second Method:
In this method we used a cracked version of LegitCheckcontrol.dll which will be replaced by the original copy of LegitCheckControl.dll and the bypass process will run and it would be belived by Microsoft that the copy of Windows is genuine.
What we will do is that applying a patch by replacing the files manually and it will be done in safe mode. You can download the cracked and patch version from the below give link
WARNING:- This information is for educational purposes and cracking Microsoft is against
their piracy law. None of the crack files are provided by me or hosted here.

Late last night we started receiving reports from readers experiencing problems with Windows Genuine Advantage authentication. Users of both Windows XP and Windows Vista were writing to say that they could not validate their installations using WGA, and one user even said that his installation was invalidated by the service.
Related StoriesMicrosoft adds Get Genuine Windows Agreement to anti-piracy arsenal WGA failure: 12,000 systems affected, caused by "human error" Microsoft's changes to how WGA handles flagged installs don't go far enough Microsoft sued over WGA spyware allegations in China We contacted our sources at Microsoft, who told us off the record that the company is aware of a major WGA server outage affecting users across the globe. The Windows Genuine Advantage support forum has exploded with complaints as a result, and Phil Liu, WGA project manager, says that he won't sleep until the problem is fixed. Windows Vista and XP are affected, 32- and 64-bit versions.
Microsoft is telling users who are affected that they should "try again" later, with some support techs telling readers that Microsoft is aiming to have a fix in place by Tuesday, August 28. That would mean the outage will last more than three days, given that it started last night (and may have started earlier; we're hearing reports of some users running into this earlier in the week, on a limited basis).
Reader Aaron Woolf tells us he was unable to validate patches for installation on a developer's copy of Vista pulled from MSDN. He writes, "My legitimate MSDN-acquired Vista Ultimate, which has been running, activated and validated for several months, now fails WGA." Others have reported similar difficulties.
How does this affect you?
If you use Windows, do your best to avoid anything that requires a ping to WGA. That means you should stay away from patches and add-ons until the coast is clear. WGA will not reach out across the Internet and deactivate your copy of Windows, but you should avoid talking to a WGA server for any reason.
For those of you doing installations and upgrades this weekend, we recommend that you avoid activation at this time. Remember that you can run Windows legally for 30 days without activating.
If you attempt a validation and it fails, your install may be marked as non-genuine, which could lead to several annoyances. First things first, do not reboot a Windows machine that has been marked as non-genuine. Once you do so, you will lose functionality and the Aero interface. It would be best to wait until this problem has been resolved.
The cause
Right now we don't have official word on a cause, but one source familiar with WGA tells us that the issue may be caused by updates to the service that were required after Microsoft expanded the number of activations keys available for Windows XP. However, the sense we get from Phil Liu is that Microsoft is pretty much in the dark right now.
More as this develops...
Update: Word from Microsoft is that this problem has been fixed, and all users affected should revisit the WGA site and re-validate. There's no explanation as to why Microsoft was originally telling people to wait until Tuesday, but the good news is that the problem has been solved.